Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joe Beef

Understanding the story behind a restaurant, the chefs, the owners, each dish, and each decoration piece just brings the experience to a whole new level.  Usually, I get super excited whenever I get a new book about food but somehow, I never really get through cover to cover.  Well, The Art of Living according to Joe Beef is a different story.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monsieur B. - BYOW

BYOW restaurants are always interesting.  Either it is to try a new wine without spending tons or by bringing more than one bottle to make your own wine and food pairing, being able to bring your own alcoholic drink is always an added value.  And it doesn't take off a lot from your bill!

I have heard about Monsieur B. quite a lot.  In the same group as Les Infidèles, Les Héritiers and O'Thym, other interesting BYOWs, Monsieur B. is a small place that has a lot to offer.  On the corner of Villeneuve Street where it used to be a depanneur, Monsieur B. is discreet in the neighborhood.  But do not be fooled, it is packed!!!