Friday, October 14, 2011

How does a new product land on your grocerie's shelve?!?

As some you know, or not, I graduated in Food Chemistry from McGill University.  I worked for two summers as a Quality control student at Kraft Canada. Yes yes yes. The one that you see when you are waiting in the traffic on the 40 ;) The one that produces the infamous Kraft Dinner and Cheez Whiz. 

There is two Kraft plants in Montreal. One in Mount-Royal and another one near the Olympic stadium on Pie-IX.  Mount-Royal's plant is the largest one in Canada producing Kraft Dinner, Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, Peanut Butter, Salad Dressing, BBQ sauces, Philadelphia cream cheese, Cheez Whiz and Singles. The other plant is a bakery cooking the yummy oreos and soda crackers.

After my graduation, I was lucky enough to score a position in Research and Development in the cheese department which is based in Mount-Royal.  That is, I am taking care of the Natural Cheese (Petit Québec, Cracker Barrel), Process Cheese and Cream Cheese. I am mostly responsible for innovations or new products.

So how does a new product land in your grocery? Here is how it all works:

Brunch at Le Cartet

It is now a custom thing to wait in line for more than 15 minutes to eat in a restaurant in Montreal.  Hungry monsters are willing to stand in the cold, in the rain or even in very snowy weather just to get a chance to taste a chef's work! That is dedication! 

However, some restaurants are a little more considerate... Yes, you do have to wait up to 45 minutes in line... BUT you wait warmly in the restaurant and you can shop for goodies while waiting! Now I can guarantee you that time will fly by much faster! And yes. I am talking about this adorable brunch address. Le Cartet.