Friday, October 14, 2011

Brunch at Le Cartet

It is now a custom thing to wait in line for more than 15 minutes to eat in a restaurant in Montreal.  Hungry monsters are willing to stand in the cold, in the rain or even in very snowy weather just to get a chance to taste a chef's work! That is dedication! 

However, some restaurants are a little more considerate... Yes, you do have to wait up to 45 minutes in line... BUT you wait warmly in the restaurant and you can shop for goodies while waiting! Now I can guarantee you that time will fly by much faster! And yes. I am talking about this adorable brunch address. Le Cartet.

 Although Le Cartet does offer lunch, it is better known for its breakfast and weekend brunch! Their menu features fun and fresh items! Scrambled eggs with goat cheese, 'Portuguese Grilled Cheese' or banana and coconut toasts just to name a few. And the most surprising thing, they are mostly healthy but hey! they are also so yummy.... I don't know about you but healthy does not always rhyme with flavor and awesomeness in restaurants...

There is also a featured Brunch of the day written on the blackboard which changes ever so frequently! For the brunch dishes, they serve it with 'amuse-bouche', an assortment of fresh fruits, a fresh orange juice and filtered coffee. If you feel like taking it up a notch, you can choose to go with a mimosa for a few extra bucks! Yes, alcohol is suitable at any time of the day ;)

The tea I ordered came in the cutest package ever! It was an individual box in which the bag was hiding! Cuteness overload (and lots of packaging for nothing but oh well! you can't have it all heh?)

Le Brunch Santé - ginger organic Granola with cashew nuts, yoghurt and blueberries, poached eggs on mesclun salad and wholewheat toasts, organic cheddar sticks with figs.

I was really fearful of taking this one. Looked all too healthy for me but for my own good, I ignored against my own will the selection of the day (Squash rostis, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.... miammmm) and decided to give it a chance!

And how surprised I was! The toast had a spread of pesto cream cheese and the perfectly cooked poached eggs were laying beautifully on it.  The yoghourt was oh so creamy and mixed with the granola and berries made it an awesome and fulfilling dairy dessert.  The ginger just added a subtle kick! And the dried fig was just the perfect marriage with the aged pungent cheddar.  

Le Brunch Sucré - crepes with fruits sauce and citrus fruit zest, French toast with honey, hazelnut and raisins, served with blueberries, apple butter, ginger organic Granola with cashew nuts, yoghurt and blueberries.

I don't usually go with sweet choices when brunching, I crave more for savoury.  However, if i had to go to Le Cartet again, I may select Le Brunch Sucré.  The crêpes were so thin yet exploding of flavors, the fruits sauce was not overly sweet and the quantity was well balanced.  The provided whipped cream was so fluffy and light! The french toast was well caramelized and the apple butter definitely brought it to another level. Looooveee itttt!!!

I was just disappointed that we did not received the 'amuse bouche' as it was stated on the menu.  I did not ask the waiter about it though, the portions were huge and we were pretty full.

And I also want to mention that there is only one toilet for women, and one for men.  And the restaurant is almost always full. So do expect to wait a while if you have to go :S

We finally wandered in the boutique which offered really fun products! From prepared meals you can take home to truffle cream or fancy chocolate, you will be tempted to try everything out! Well... I was... but I am a compulsive buyer I have to admit...

So lesson of the day, do arrive early for the brunch or be ready to wait in line. And bring your reusable bag for some shopping after ;)

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