Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Burger quest. Stop no 3: Frites Alors!

I know, I know... Isn't Frites Alors a place to eat fries? Why would you go there to find the perfect burger? Oh well, indeed, their fries are yummy with their wide selections of sauces but I've also read a few foodie blogs which claimed that this restaurant also served some delish hamburgers!

Off we go! We have decided to establish some ground rules from now on when evaluating an hamburger. First, we order an ordinary hamburger with simple garnish, nothing special. And if there is an interesting and intriguing choice available on the menu, we may pamper ourselves a little ;)

So the regular hamburger has mustard, red onions as well a few lettuce leaves. The mustard is kind of overwhelming and overpowers the whole thing! Now... the pattie... oh god... where to begin. It's dry and seriously taste like frozen. It was not cooked well enough and was still pink. Very deceiving. At least, the choice of bread did help a little. They choose to use ciabatta which added some texture.

As for our 'special' choice, we chose pear and blue
cheese. Extremely interesting combination. Also served on a ciabatta bread, the pears were super juicy and balanced perfectly the creaminess and saltiness of the blue cheese. We also agreed that the texture and taste of these canned pears were a better match with the cheese than fresh ones. Downside, the waitress did not know which blue cheese has been used... hmmm. Overall, a recipe to reproduce at home with a real pattie!

Stay tuned for our next stop: Buns!

Frites Alors!
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