Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Café Titanic - Nope, no Leo in this one ;)

My heart will go on... oh and how Café Titanic makes my heart goes on and on and on!

I am not a fan of sandwiches to tell you the truth... I feel that I can easily make them at home and I am never fully satisfied with one.  If you gave me a menu, sandwiches will be the last thing I go for.  It used to remind me of my lunches in high school or during camp days when I was in elementary. Bah.

Maybe the fact that I was not open to try sandwiches in restaurants made me miss out a lot on them. This is why I decided to put my judgments aside and go for it... and not for every sandwich, no no no. I am going for the ones that 'En Route' and various guides are rating as the best in Montreal.

First, don't expect any fancy white cloth restaurants. Yes it is in the old port but hey, it does serve sandwiches after all ;) Established back in 1989, Café Titanic is hidden in a semi-basement on St-Pierre street.  The decor is laid back and clean. Hardwood floors and walls made of brick just gives the restaurant this warm and cozy feeling.

You first take whatever you need in terms of cutlery, napkins, drinks and you wait in line cafeteria-style and choose what tempts you the most. Sandwiches and plates of vegetables and appetizers are strategically placed so you can reach out and grab one or you can order an item from their daily menu written on their blackboard. Make sure you have cash on yourself!

And when I was saw it, I knew it was THE one! Yes! Imposing itself on the counter, this sandwich was the one that was going to make me change my mind on their kind. BOUM! Sooo pretty, soooo humongous, soooo yummy!!!

And to feel less guilty of eating this huge sandwich, I also took a side of collards with sprinkle of parm and bacon. Slightly warm, the touch of bitterness of the green was pleasant along with bits here and there of the seasoning.

The sandwich was indeed quite amazing. Between a ciabatta bun was a disproportioned piece of breaded chicken cutlet along with roasted bell peppers. Crunchy and well balanced with the roasted vegetables! They also provided an aioli sauce to enhance the flavor of the whole. Seriously, the sauce stole the thunder to the dish! it was incredibly creamy and oh so garlicky! Mmmmmm....  But beware, the portion is very very big.

We sat on long wooden tables where we could easily reach for self-serve glasses and big bottles of water. Lights were hanging low so be careful if you are tall :) And i was happy to discover that there was wi-fi! Great for entertaining yourself while eating alone during lunch! (yes, I can be a loner sometimes, what do you want?) I absolutely love the concept, the staff and the food of course!

So yes, I am glad i gave a second chance for sandwiches to redeem what they deserve! I will definitely go back to Leo's boat for a quick and satisfying bite among handsome suited professionals! Always great to combine eye candy and good eats ;)

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  1. god, that looks good *_*
    I love that kaiten-sushi style, too!