Monday, July 11, 2011

Burger quest stop no 5: Five Guys Burger and Fries!

Hi hi hi... Stop no 5 at Five Guys! Talk about destiny! It was meant to be!
Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a chain restaurant in the US but only entered the Canadian market very recently! Americans are known for their fast food, the more calories, the more bacon, the more cheese, the better! Than how bad can this place be?

The one I went to is situated in the Old Port on McGill street where numerous restaurants have already set their foot in.  As you go in, a wave of aromas just hits your nostrils! Gosh! And you are also welcomed with bags of potatoes :) Starts well!

It is frenzy behind the counter, burgers are steaming, employees are yelling out orders, others are shaking seasoning on the fries... According to their website, there is over 250 000 ways to assemble your burger... its math and probability all over again! And they claim to use only fresh ground beef and nothing is frozen. Oh well, let's see.

I go ahead and order the hamburger with bacon (shame on me! I do not like American Cheese even though I work for Kraft! Ha!) all dressed with jalapenos for an extra kick! And I also order a regular side of cajun fries. It is called Five Guys Burgers and Fries after all!  My friend chooses a cheeseburger with mayo, pickles and mushrooms (don't ask about the selection, she was under stress by the cashier!)

As I fill my drinks, I see the guy fill out a paper cup of cajun fries, put it in the bag, put my burger in, and put two more scoops of fries! Wo! And I want to note that I ordered a REGULAR size. American food chain indeed.

It takes me around 2 minutes to find my burger among the sea of fries! and surprise! the burger is huge too!  but oh so good! The balance of all the ingredient is perfect! the jalapenos just bring enough kick, the pickles enough acidity and the bacon is so crunchy! The beef patty is tender to perfection! My bun is not too moist yet (maybe I was so excited by my burger and I ate it so fast that it didn't have time to soak up the sauce!).  However, my friend's burger was not as satisfying.  Her condiments definitely overpowered the beef and it didn't taste much more than mayo. Sadly.

As for the fries, they are crispy and seasoned generously with cajun spices... coating your fingers as you eat through the bag... mmm. Although not as spicy as we would have expected from cajun seasoning, the fries were still very flavorful and addicting.  But the industrial amount they give you is enough to feed at least two. Just saying.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my order.  I believe if you choose your condiments wisely, you, your taste buds and your tummy will come out of Five Guys happy!

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  1. Absolutely mouth watering. This is a complete meal as the fires and the large drink will hit the spot.