Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tango!!!! Let's add some exotic taste to the journey...

Indeed, I haven't tasted much of the sun this summer, not that there was any in Montreal! To add to the seasonal depression, all of my best friends had the chance to travel across the world... Greece, Italy, Thailand... hot hot places!!! At least, I did felt like I somewhat travelled with them as I contemplate their pictures and read their crazy stories on the wonderful postcards they have sent me!

So today, I have decided to try a restaurant where a touch of summer is plesantly added with the presence of palm trees in front of the restaurant: Tango in the Centropolis of Laval. It has a similar menu as Andabi, a lebanese place at Ville St-Laurent where crepes and fruity drinks are served. The atmosphere is perfect for a fun drink between girls or to cheer up a depressed friend! Colorful, fresh and young! The wall behind the counter is covered with drooling pictures of the meals served!!! There is also a wide variety of colourful gelato!

Now, when we open the menu, we are overwhelmed with text!!! Gosh, there is a story for EVERY dish! It wouldn't be that bad if there was a little description for each section but to include a paragraph for every meal... kind of make it confusing and even discouraging... Moreover, we have depicted many errors only within one page of a menu!!! I do have a lot difficulty dealing with hundreds of menu that have been printed with errors in it! It is unconceivable!

Anyways, we ordered the Sevan Crepe, a thin Bretonne crepe
filled with a kind of dried meat, pickles, mint leaves, fresh tomatoes and chives! Olive oil and yogurt completed the dish. After living with a awesome lebanese as a housemate for a year, I became addicted to the marriage of mint, tomatoes and olive oil! It is absolutely the perfect balance of texture and taste!!! The Sevan Crepe's combines wisely the saltiness and the resistance of the meat, the acidity and crunchiness of the pickels, the sweetness and the juicyness of the tomatoes and the freshness of the mint leaves!!! Ah... and a soupçon of yogurt in each bite makes an explosion of flavor in the mouth!

We thought of ordering a dessert as well as their famous cocktails before heading to the movies but their service was sooooooo slow!!! We were literally like 4 tables out of 20 and no waitress 'had time' to come back to see if we needed anything... nooooo! Their conversation about this past friday was way more important! We waited for 15-20 minutes and still... nobody! So we went to the directly to the cashier to pay our meal... once more they were all too busy to notice our presence! They just lost almost 30$ worth of desserts, cocktails and tips because of
their lack of customer service skills... sad!

All in all, good food, great atmosphere, awful awful service!

Tango Cocktails
Centropolis Laval
205, Promenade du Centropolis
H7T 0B3

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je voudrais vous faire part de mon expérience au Tango Laval.

    En premier lieu, je commande l'un de leur cocktail de fruit et je ressois cette montagne de fruit qui est plus un genre de salade de fruit qu'un cocktail... mais ce qui est insultant, c'est que les mangues au fond de mon verre était aussi dur qu'une carotte. Personnellement je trouve ca insultant qu'on me serve une mangue loin d'être mure. Et ca s'arrête pas là commande une crêpe salée intitulé Cote d'azur (je crois). La description mentionne qu'il y a un pâté de chevreuil, des avocats, des artichauts et pignons. Je me retrouve alors avec un pâté de chevreuil qui ressemble étrangement à de la bouffe de chat en canne, et...des artichauts en conserve ! Je ne suis pas trop exigent en terme de resto mais là c'est ridiculement insultant. On s'attend pas à ca quand on va manger à un resto au centropolis. Mais bon ! Ah et comme dernier commentaire, Sabrina, votre food-holic préféré a demandé des spécification sur un plat supposement contenant du bien devinez quoi...pour une somme de 16$ vous pouvez manger une crêpe au thon en canne et des cornichons !

    Je semble un peu dur dans ma critique mais elle est à l'image de mon expérience !

    Désolé Tango mais je donne une note de 1/10.