Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grocery Edition: New product - PC Rip and Dip Pizza


''Bringing pizzazz back to pizza night, President’s Choice Rip & Dip Pizza is fun and delicious – easy to pull apart in pieces and dunk into the accompanying creamy dip. ''

Remember a few years ago, Mikes served a pizza in which you can tear off the crust to dip in sauces? Well, Private label from Loblaws, President Choice came up with a similar idea but applied it to the entire pizza. The concept is great indeed. No need of a knife, you eat with your hand and you complement each bite size with the provided sauce.  They have two flavors: Pepperoni and Cheese with Creamy Garlic and Marinara dipping sauce respectively.

The directions are simple and straightforward.  Within 16-19 minutes, you have your pizza ready! One thing for sure, you will have your proportion of carbs in.  I will rename it more of a tear and dip bread than pizza.  You can notice quite visibly on the picture of the actual product that there is not much cheese nor pepperoni. The toppings are limited due to the tearing apart, when you think of it, you can't really have the traditionnal peppers, mushrooms or olives... it will just fall everywhere and make a mess. 

But the bread is cooked perfectly, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And it is fun to tear apart piece by piece and dip it in the sauce! Personnally, i made a dipping sauce myself as I find theirs to garlicky.

I think it will be a good appetizer to a group dinner but not necessarily have it as a main dish. They can definitely develop further on the sauces and maybe sweet varieties.

Price: 6.99$
Time of prep: 16-19min
Grocery in Qc: Loblaws, Provigo, Maxi & Cie


  1. For some reason they stoped making them and I would love to know why

  2. Facts bro you said it man