Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grocery Special Edition

Hi peeps!

What brought me to my choice of field of study is the continuous addition of new products on the shelves of our groceries.  I have always been intrigued by all of the innovations, new flavors, new way to cook or to present food on our dinner table.  You guys remember green ketchup? to add fun in the of your kids? Why did it not last? Why did they thought of launching such a weird idea?

Thus, I decided to start a special edition in my blog covering different aspects in the groceries of our area.  Studying Food Chemistry and working in the industry makes my view a little different from the general public.  I will be reviewing different new products as some of them may sound creative and genius while others are plainly funny.  I will also cover different marketing scams on the labels that are meant to attract customers to buy their products.  Other topics such as private labels and ambience music and scent in grocery stores will be covered.  These articles will be short and sweet. Hope you guys will like it! Feel free to give me any suggestions or comments!


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